Doppleganger laura…and a project launching next month!

twin peaks

Yesterday, it was as though my paintbrush wasn’t my own. I guess if anyone had the ability to control an artist’s hand, it would be someone with connections to the Black Lodge, right? 😉

laura002_lrThere is a possibility of including her in next month’s Kickstarter zine campaign.

Yep – a zine. I’m so excited. There are so many ideas flying around out there, from ancient legends, to conservation and modern medicine. I’ve been making Twin Peaks – related art for so long now and it’s time to bring these ideas together. Well, I should have done it a few years back, but I didn’t feel my work was ready…

The zine will be called “Into The Woods”.


I’ll see you in the trees.



Postcards are go!


They’re finally packaged up and in the shop! Along with the other Parisian postcards , we have really quite a collection now! 🙂

OK – Now to get along with a commissioned portrait, while the toddler takes her afternoon nap. Here’s a peek of it so far:


Much more detail to add and some shading which needs correcting – let’s see where we can take her xx