The Kickstarter is Live!

twin peaks

Ad2Yaaay! The kickstarter is live!


You can take a look at the art zine here: Into the Woods – A Twin Peaks art zine.


Into The Woods … to find a new website…

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I’ve made an actual website HERE if you’re interested, all centering around the ‘Into The Woods’ art zine and woodsy/Twin Peaksy artwork. There is a blog there and I’ll be posting both here and there for a while at least. Depending on how things go, i might move over there permanently, but it’s all up-in-the-air right now, so who knows? Exciting!


I’ve also been working like crazy to get the Kickstarter ready in time. just one more day until I have to submit it. Then we launch on Monday!

Here are a couple of the rewards on offer. There will also be prints, posters, postcards, bookmarks and a few other goodies 😉


Stickers and Temporary tattoos


“Coop & the Llama” Enamel badge

Twin Peaks Art

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I haven’t written enough on here, or in general for ages. I realised I need to connect with you all again and find some new friends, who I haven’t said hi to in other social media places. So hi.


This is what I keep on coming back to. The mysteries of Twin Peaks and everything surrounding it.

Recently, it has been the woods. I can’t stop painting trees. Not many words today.



Twin Peaks continues…



I’ve missed painting my Twin Peaks series over the last couple of years. So happy to be able to continue it now. Prints of Glastonberry Grove are available in the shop!

People have also been loving “Coop and the Llama” – one of my favourite scenes in any series or movie, EVER!


More soon!

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