Twin Peaks continues…



I’ve missed painting my Twin Peaks series over the last couple of years. So happy to be able to continue it now. Prints of Glastonberry Grove are available in the shop!

People have also been loving “Coop and the Llama” – one of my favourite scenes in any series or movie, EVER!


More soon!

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I always include something free with any orders from the shop.


This week, I’m sending out little 2.5″ x 3.5″ limited edition ACEO prints of the ‘Palais Garnier’ image from the ‘Paris Landmarks’ postcard set 🙂 WP_20160413_09_35_27_Pro


Thinking about the foreground


I’ve been busy on all sorts of projects over the past few weeks. here’s a huge one I began at the start of the year, with just the background 😉 Progression… I still have to work out exactly how this part of the painting will work…FullSizeRender3

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Postcards are go!


They’re finally packaged up and in the shop! Along with the other Parisian postcards , we have really quite a collection now! 🙂

OK – Now to get along with a commissioned portrait, while the toddler takes her afternoon nap. Here’s a peek of it so far:


Much more detail to add and some shading which needs correcting – let’s see where we can take her xx

Prints and projects


Adding a few new babies to the shop, in print form . Click here to have a look! Wow – I wish I had the time to add more and more and more to the Deep series, but there are a few other projects to play with first!

Whale1_LR Deep_Sunfish_LR_8x10

There are also a load of these postcards to package up for introduction into the shop tomorrow!


To be honest, I just want to sleep after a crazy morning with the toddler, but no rest for the wicked, although I am trying to be good (oh, apart from this huge choc-chip cookie in front of me…) 😉