Little Ladies and mystery projects

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There are a few more sets of crafting cards in the shop! You can find more pics HERE.


Also, I always send out some freebies with orders  and at the moment, it’s these little Parisian Ballet ladies, taken from my Les Liaisons Dangereuses book page painting:


In other news… the Twin Peaks website will be live soon!


Notes and wisdom


Researching for the zine. I love reading up on possible historical connections. Those moments when an idea comes together perfectly… Twin Peaks, John Muir, F David Peat…

– J

Doppleganger laura…and a project launching next month!

twin peaks

Yesterday, it was as though my paintbrush wasn’t my own. I guess if anyone had the ability to control an artist’s hand, it would be someone with connections to the Black Lodge, right? 😉

laura002_lrThere is a possibility of including her in next month’s Kickstarter zine campaign.

Yep – a zine. I’m so excited. There are so many ideas flying around out there, from ancient legends, to conservation and modern medicine. I’ve been making Twin Peaks – related art for so long now and it’s time to bring these ideas together. Well, I should have done it a few years back, but I didn’t feel my work was ready…

The zine will be called “Into The Woods”.


I’ll see you in the trees.


Twin Peaks Art

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I haven’t written enough on here, or in general for ages. I realised I need to connect with you all again and find some new friends, who I haven’t said hi to in other social media places. So hi.


This is what I keep on coming back to. The mysteries of Twin Peaks and everything surrounding it.

Recently, it has been the woods. I can’t stop painting trees. Not many words today.