Postcards are go!


They’re finally packaged up and in the shop! Along with the other Parisian postcards , we have really quite a collection now! 🙂

OK – Now to get along with a commissioned portrait, while the toddler takes her afternoon nap. Here’s a peek of it so far:


Much more detail to add and some shading which needs correcting – let’s see where we can take her xx


Prints and projects


Adding a few new babies to the shop, in print form . Click here to have a look! Wow – I wish I had the time to add more and more and more to the Deep series, but there are a few other projects to play with first!

Whale1_LR Deep_Sunfish_LR_8x10

There are also a load of these postcards to package up for introduction into the shop tomorrow!


To be honest, I just want to sleep after a crazy morning with the toddler, but no rest for the wicked, although I am trying to be good (oh, apart from this huge choc-chip cookie in front of me…) 😉